Infant & Early Childhood (0-5 Years)

While I work with children of all ages, my area of
specialized training and practice is in the area of infant and early childhood intervention. Neuroscientitsts have demonstrated that there is a ‘critical period” for social/emotional development in the first 3-5 years of life. Emotional experiences and life events as well as the quality of our primary attachment, will determine how we act in relation to others later in life. Whether we trust others, feel worthy of respect, perceive the world as a safe place, how we communicate our needs, how we respond to negative feelings such as criticism, disappointment, rejection and anger…these are just a few of the key emotional functions determined early in life.​

I believe that parents are the experts on their children, and thus parents are an active part of this work through “parent-child dyadic work”. I support parents by ‘decoding’ their child’s behavior, improving communication and understanding, and establishing or returning the parent-child relationship to a secure one.

Please contact me for more information about services for infants and very young children.