Child Therapy

Child Therapy

I support clients facing anxiety, depression, bullying, social skill development, trauma, loss, parenting and co-parenting issues. I also provide consultation to schools on behalf of a child when needed. Children’s emotional development is closely related to the quality of the attachment with their caregiver no matter their age. Therefore, I help to enhance the quality of parent-child interactions, bonding and communication. I support children and parents with issues related to conflict, communication, parental separation, divorce, co-parenting, adoption and foster care.

Dr. Sara Saatchi - Child Therapy

Children can face many of the same emotions and feelings adults do, but without the cognitive development to be equipped to manage those feelings. Child therapy can help children better manage stress and negative emotions by teaching self-regulation, impulse control, positive communication, and other positive coping strategies.

Some anxiety or depressed mood is normal and experienced by all at times. Here are some signs that your child may need an appointment for additional assessment, support and intervention. When your child’s anxiety or negative emotions:

  • Impact their ability to function in their daily life. (ie, attend school, social events, sporting events, eat and sleep well)
  • Cause them to show withdrawn behavior/preference to be alone
  • Display emotional reactions that feel unmatched in intensity given the event
  • Sudden changes in mood or behavior
  • Change in interests
  • Experiences less joy/pleasure in activities they used to enjoy
  • Changes in eating or sleeping habits
  • Regression in development (ie. regressed potty training, needs extra suppor to fall asleep)
  • Drop in grades